City Heights Runners

City Heights Runners, an initiative of UrbanLife Ministries, is a running club for middle and high school students in City Heights. We offer seasonal after school and Saturday practices for students at Wilson Middle School, Clark Middle School, and Mann Middle School, and also serve the Crawford and Hoover High School Cross Country and Track & Field programs by providing off-season training and racing opportunities.

Our running club offers a proven means of developing resiliency factors in student-athletes, which are necessary for their overall well-being and healthy development as they move into high school and on to their college and/or career years. We believe that student athletes will become more resilient in many areas, here are a few:

Positive Friendships

…with peers: Activities that require hard work and dedication draw people who value, or learn to value, these ethics in all areas of life. Students find themselves surrounded by people who bring out the best in one another.

…with adult coaches and mentors: Students learn to trust and depend on adults in healthy ways. They thus receive the guidance, encouragement, and support needed to thrive.

Safe and Productive After school Activities

Students in City Heights need safe and productive after school activities to steer them clear of non-productive and unsafe activities.


Obesity and medical conditions due to poor diet and a lack of exercise are at epidemic proportions in our country. We provide exercise opportunity for all fitness levels, and regularly discuss healthy eating habits.

Character Development

One cannot improve or endure as a runner if character qualities such as self-discipline, focus and mental toughness are not developed. Character is developed through various means, and is transferable to other areas of life once developed.