3rd Annual 5k Results and Pics

What a great day, great turn out, great fun all around. Thanks to all who entered and raced. Thanks to all the kids! Thanks to all our tireless volunteers. Below you’ll find some pics of the day and below that are all the detailed race results. Share with your friends and let’s get the momentum started for next year already!


Race Results

PlaceNameDivisionTimeDivision Winner
1Martin De La CruzM 30-3918:40Yes
2Ciro PlumaM 40-4918:51Yes
3Alvaro CarrilloM 30-3919:04
4Jose RochsM 20-2919:56Yes
5John RowlandM 30-3919:59
6Jose PartidaM 1320:38Yes
7Omar AguilarM 30-3920:58
8Candido De La CruzM 50-5920:59Yes
9Fanny TilleyF 30-3921:19Yes
10Erik WeberM 20-2921:54
11Gerardo RamirezM 50-5922:20
12Juan HerreraM 1622:25Yes
13Richard FieldingM 50-5923:27
14Dan SmythM 40-4923:30
15George KennyM 40-4924:16
16Tommy SchliemM 30-3924:29
17Kang NguyenM 1324:59
18Stephen ReichertM 30-3925:05
19Jacqueline CallanF 30-3925:11
20Frank QuijadaM 30-3925:31
21Tung TranM 1327:23
22Matt HambrickM 30-3928:06
23Cris NobleM 20-2928:07
24James RobinsonM 40-4928:11
25Arcelia MaganaF 20-2928:24Yes
26Tristan CalderonM 1329:29
27Samuel RawlsM 50-5929:37
28Benny HoltM 70 -7929:38Yes
29Mary Jane LangtonF 30-3929:39
30Mike BrewsterM 30-3929:54
31Andrea SteinbrennerF 30-3929:55
32Lauren BrewsterF 30-3930:05
33Andra BrownF 50-5930:20Yes
34Laura SmythF 40-4930:20Yes
35Victoria HoskinsF 20-2931:36
36Terry HoskinsM 50-5931:37
37Erin BrownF 30-3931:45
38Oz BlackallerM 30-3931:55
39Joanna Prieto-BlackallerF 30-3932:29
40Ana Prieto-ButtsF 30-3933:05
41Bridget KennedyF 30-3933:54
42Sarah PeloquinF 30-3933:55
43Robyn MoyaF 40-4934:29
44Angela NobleF 20-2936:20
45Alfredo PadillaM 1336:21
46Kevin WeiserM 20-2936:46
47Anay BarajasF 20-2938:43
48Laurie GoF 30-3938:43
49Michael CoronadoM 30-3939:24
50Jeanne CoronadoF 30-3942:16
51Gerardo RamirezM 50-5942:17
52Sam WurtzbacherM 60-6942:53
53Judy WurtzbacherF 60-6943:40

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