Our collegiate runners…

We have several runners on their way to college for the first time…for many, they will be the first in their family to attend college!
-Mirella: headed to UC Irvine to study engineering. She’s the Hoover valedictorian and excited to leave San Diego, but committed to coming back and serving her neighborhood!
-Diana B: staying here in San Diego to attend community college and will run for Cuyamaca! Plans to transfer after 2 years.
-Brandon: off to UC Davis to study nutrition science and will be running with the UCD track club!
-Cristobal: Headed to UCLA with his sister to study political science!
-Miguel H: pumped to run for Coach Gonzalez (our coach from Concordia University, Irvine) at Santa Ana Community College! He plans to study engineering.
-Awal: also headed to Santa Ana Community College to run and has overcome enormous obstacles to make it there.
-Jose: will be running at Santa Ana Community College as well! He’s had a tough academic journey and finally decided that he, too, belongs in college. He hopes to be a running coach in the future.
-Marcos: Headed to SDSU to study engineering!
-Cristian: Headed to UCSD to studying electrical engineering!

-Kenia: after 2 years at Cuyamaca and overcoming innumerable barriers, Kenia is headed to CSU East Bay and will be running for their team. She wants to be a social worker.

-Anadela: Headed to UCLA with her brother to study molecular biology!
-Nikita: In her 3rd year studying engineering at UCLA!
-Mulugeta: In his third year at Sacramento State, he made the team and has been running well and studying engineering!
-Julio: In his second year at City College in San Diego, he is studying IT management, working, and coaching the City Heights Runners middle school program.
-Victor: In his 2nd year studying culinary arts at Mesa College.
-Sawiros: at Cuyamaca studying to be a mechanic.

 -Diana V: headed to SDSU this fall to study nutrition and plans to continue coaching the City Heights Runners program.

-Miguel: In his 2nd year of studying at City College in San Diego and running for their XC team, and plans on transferring to SDSU.
And a few throw-back pics of our college students:

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